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How to find the fairy rock pools at Noosa National Park (Within 12 minutes walk with maps and video)

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Ever dreamed of swimming in a private rock pool overlooking the ocean? We sure have! That's why when we planned our trip to Noosa, on Queensland's sunshine coast, a visit to the Noosa National Park was right at the top of our list of things to do.

Fairy Rock Pools Noosa National Park sunshine coast queensland
How to find the Fairy Rock Pools in Noosa National Park

Planning your time in Noosa National Park - Things to know before you go:

Be sure to grab a map of the National Park. We have provided one below for reference. There are countless trails to take, ensure you follow the Coastal Trail, which is 5.4km and will take at least 45 minutes each way.

We recommend wearing walking shoes for the parts of the track which are unpaved.

Pack your swimmers, sunscreen, flip flops and towel for when you do head down to the beachfront for a swim. Water and snacks are always good to bring along too

Noosa National Park Map
Noosa National Park Map
Noosa National Park walking trail guide
Noosa National park walking trail guide

Step 1: Park at the Noosa National Park Carpark

Ideally, the best place to start is from the Noosa National Park Carpark however, if you're struggling to get parking there you can park back closer to Hastings St and follow the coastal boardwalk to the Carpark, which is a scenic trail in itself.

Step 2: Take the Coastal Trail toward Hells Gate

Be sure to take the Coastal trail, starting with the first 1km toward Tea Tree Bay.

Step 3: Find the fairy pools at Tea Tree Bay

Noosa National Park map to easy rock pools

Located just before Tea Tree Bay is the first set of rock pools. These are the most easily accessible rock pool from the start of the trail requiring only a 2km round trip to reach them, taking no more than 12 minutes each way.

Just before you reach sign which says 'tea tree bay' there is a set of stairs which lead down to the rocky coastline (before the sand area), follow these rocks along the coast and you will see some small rock pools there to enjoy a swim.

Step 4: Find the fairy pools at Granite Bay

Once you're finished with your swim at Tea Tree bay continue along the Coastal trail past Dolphin Point lookout along Granite Bay. At the very end of Granite bay, look out for the park bench, which takes a right turn around a large bend, from there look out for the rock pools. You will need to climb down the rocks to reach the pools, once you make it enjoy!This walk is 2.4km one way, taking 31 minutes, or 1 hour return.

Noosa National Park map to fairy rock pools

We hope you enjoyed guide to Noosa National Parks hidden Rock Pools, in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. To see of the top things to see and do in Noosa, check out our full Noosa weekend guide here. Or for more of our other Australian destination guides click here.



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