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Where to eat on North Stradbroke Island: Top cafes, bars and restaurants you must try!

Looking to switch off and relax in Paradise without needing to travel too far? North Stradbroke Island is the perfect place to unwind. Within an hours drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you can jump on a short ferry ride from the Redlands Coast and make your way to 'North Straddie' - the local name for North Stradbroke. Here you can find yourself relaxing amongst clear blue beaches and discovering plenty of local wildlife.

We know that planning a trip involves more than just finding the top things to see and do but also figuring out where to eat, which is why this blog post is dedicated to the best restaurants, bars and cafes of North Stradbroke Island. For the full guide on top things to see and do, how to get to North Stradbroke and where to stay, see our blog post here.

Best Places to eat on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland
Best Places to eat on North Stradbroke Island, Queensland

Top bars, restaurants and cafes to eat at on North Stradbroke Island:

2. For Breakfast: The Blue Room Cafe

We loved the outdoor beach shack style of the Blue Room Cafe, be sure to get a seat with a view to enjoy our coffee and healthy locally made breakfast. Don't miss stopping in next door to the colourful Green Room grocery store if you want to stock up on picnic snacks or the Prawn shop for some freshly caught seafood.

3. For Gelato: Oceanic Gelati Bar and Bella Balena

After a long day at the beach, stop and relax with an ice cream. There are two Gelato options in Point Lookout Village, the Oceanic Gelati Bar and Bella Balena Gelateria. Once you've ordered, take a seat on the grass and relax with a few.

Gelto at Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island
Gelto at Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island

4. For Lunch or Dinner: The bowls club

For a casual dinner and afternoon for barefoot bowls, we recommend heading to the Bowls club. Located just a short drive from Point Lookout Village.

5. For Lunch or Dinner: Fish and chips dinner at Fishes at the Point

Also located along Point Lookout Village is Fishes and the Point fish and chip shop, it's another great option to get takeaway to enjoy with a view. We loved sharing their Fishermans basked option.

6. For afternoon drinks: The Little Ship Club

The Little Ship Club is located on the waterfront at One Mile in Dunwich. It's a great spot for n afternoon drink on the lawn overlooking the calm waters of Moreton Bay. If you enjoy history, there's also some great shipping artefacts in the area and the island cemetery nearby, home to graves from the Typhoid pandemic when the island was used as a quarantine station.

The Little Ship Club, North Stradbroke Island
The Little Ship Club, North Stradbroke Island

6. For takeaway coffee: Loaves Bakery

For a quick take-away coffee, pie, sausage roll or bread head to Loaves Bakery along Point Lookout Village.

Loaves Bakery, Point Lookout Village, North Stradbroke Island
Loaves Bakery, North Stradbroke Island

We hope you enjoyed guide the best places to eat on North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia. To see more of our other Australian destination including our full guide to the top things to do on North Stradbroke click here.



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