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THE ABSOLUTE TOP things to see & do in Broome Western Australia in a long weekend:

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Don't you wish you could experience the best of Aussie beaches and the outback all in one destination? Well, that destination is Broome, in Western Australia. Broome is a golden sunset on a private beach, which it took a 4-wheel drive and a red dirt road to get to (Don't worry though, the roads are beginner-friendly).

Broome travel guide top things to see and do where to eat and stay
Broome Western Australia: Top things to see & do, where to eat & stay

Follow our travel guide to plan your ideal 3-day trip and don't miss out on these top things to see and do.

Getting to Broome: Flight to Broome

Have you ever wanted to experience the beauty of Australia all to yourself? Located on the far North West coast of Australia, Broome is pretty isolated, making a strip of private beaches easily found. However, it also means that it isn't the easiest place to get to. You can take a domestic flight within Australia from Perth. Or if travelling from Singapore as we did, it's only a 3.5-hour direct flight from Singapore on Silkair, who operate long weekend charter flights during May and June. Make sure to book yourself a window seat for some spectacular beachfront views upon landing.

Flights to Broome from Singapore Western Australia

When to visit Broome, Western Australia:

The best time of year to visit Broome is during May - October, making the most of the clear skies, low humidity, yet still warm weather.

Where to stay in Broome: Top Hotels recommended

We stayed at the Oaks Broome hotel, which was perfect for us, it was located within just a short drive from all the cities best attractions and included a car park. This 4-star hotel was affordable at an average of AUD 150 per night, had a beautiful pool and our room was spacious, including a living room and small kitchen.

If you're looking for a hotel walking distance to cable beach we also recommend trying the Oaks Cable Beach Resort or Seashells Broome, both 4-star hotel options averaging AUD 170 per night.

This post contains some affiliate links, if you click through and book via our link below we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Getting around Broome: Renting a Car

With one of the highlights of Broome being a 4-wheel drive on the beach, we highly recommend renting a 4-wheel or all-wheel drive car from the Airport. This is required to get to some of the top attractions, such as Gantheaume Point and Willie Creek.

Renting a car in Broome Western Australia

The top things to see and do in Broome:

Take a sunset camel ride along Cable Beach: As the sunset sank below the ocean the sky was filled with a golden sparkle. The breeze cooled our skin as step by step we softly bumped along the sand as we rode our camel's back, feeling relaxed and safe. Being one of Broome's most popular attractions, we made sure to pre-book this experience with Red Sun Camel Rides for AUD 90 per person for our 1-hour ride.

Hunt for dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume point during low tide: We scrambled across the rocks as the waves made their way out to sea during low tide. Feeling like Indiana Jones, excitement rushed over us when we managed to spot the +150 million- year-old dinosaur footprints fossilised into the rocks. There's no easy map to follow to find these, so remember this photo. Also, make sure you check the tidal updates as it's only when the tide is very low these are visible.

Dinosaure footprints Broome Western Australia Gantheaume Point

Feel like you're on Mars and witness the red rocks while the sunsets over the ocean at Gantheaume point: After you've spent the afternoon finding the dinosaur footprints, stay to witness an ocean sunset, as the rocks around you shine bright red as if it were another planet.

4-wheel drive along Cable Beach to find the perfect spot to picnic out of your car boot: Just relax! Pick up some snack from the store, take a drive down the beach, and find the perfect spot to spend the day swimming and picnicking out of the boot of your car.

Kayak with sea turtle: The water was so clear and calm as we paddled along the ocean shoreline taking in the views we could see the sea turtles swimming below us. We booked our experience with Broome Adventure Company for AUD 95 per person.

Take a helicopter ride of Willie Creek Pearl Farm: The contrast of the blue ocean, white sand and red dirt of the outback was one of the most stunning sights we witnessed during our time in Broome. It was best seen from above! We took a 35-minute drive, including some off-road driving to head up to Willie Creek Pearl Farm, if you want a taste of the outback, don't miss this drive. After arrived we jumped in a helicopter for the most stunning 15-minute flight, the doors were off as the wind blew through us.

Walkthrough Chinatown and Broome's city centre: Enjoy learning about the history of Broome and take in the city's historic buildings with a wander through Chinatown.

Take a touristy picture with some animal road signs: Make the most of these 'only in Australia' experiences

Australia please drive carefully animal sign

Where to eat in Broome, Western Australia:

Sunset Bar & Grill: After a day at the beach or a sunset camel right, this is the perfect spot to end the night with a glass of wine and relaxed dinner by the ocean.

Sunset Bar and Grill Cable Beach Broome

Matso's Brewery: Taste some locally brewed beer on the deck at Matso's over dinner.

Matso's brewery broome western australia

The Zookeepers store: Start the day fresh with breakfast near Cable beach at the Zookeepers.

The Town Beach Cafe: Enjoy a relaxed breakfast overlooking the bay the Town Beach Cafe.

We hope you enjoyed our weekend guide to the top things to see and do in Broome, Western Australia. To see more of our other destination guides click here.



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