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Secret Gold Coast Locations: Coombabah Lakelands Reserve the best spot to see wild Kangaroos

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Never heard of Coombabah Lakelands Conversation Reserve Conservation Area before? Neither had we, and one of us had even grown up on the Gold Coast. It was thanks to some close friends we ended up here over the weekend and this place was too good not to share. Within minutes of starting our first walk, we had already seen HUNDREDS of WILD KANGAROOS. Which is why we are sharing this perfect walking trail or picnic spot for your weekend.

Coombabah Lakelands Conservation area guide
Secret Spots of the Gold Coast Revealed: Welcome to Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area

Getting to Coomabah Lakelands Conversation Reserve and Conservation Area:

Coombabah Conservation area is over 1200 hectares of wetland area including mangroves, eucalyptus forests, and more. While there are many trails, we recommend taking the Kangaroo Boardwalk (less than 1km) and the Koala trail (just over 2km). To get there, follow Shelter Road, located behind the runway of Southport Airport. There is parking on this street that leads right to both trails.

Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area: Shelter Road
Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area: Shelter Road

Opening Hours:

The Reserve is open daily from 6 am to 6 pm.

The Kangaroo Trail:

From the street parking on Shelter Road, follow the boardwalk conservation trail. This is where we spotted the most Kangaroos, within minutes we saw over 100 wild Kangaroos in one area. Do remember they are wild, so try to maintain a 20-metre distance from them at all times.

The Koala Trail:

Located right next to the Kangaroo is the Koala trail, over 150 Koalas live in this area of the forest, and you can see on the trees their claw marks. If you're lucky, this is where you'll have the best chance to see a Koala. While we didn't manage to see a Koala this time around, we did spot a small green tree frog.

Green Tree Frog along the Koala Trail: Coombabah Reserve Gold Coast
Green Tree Frog along the Koala Trail: Coombabah Reserve Gold Coast

Nearby Spots for Lunch or Brunch:

If you're in Coombabah and looking for somewhere to eat nearby this walk we recommend heading to the Ross Evans Garden Centre. Located inside is Cafe 63, which has a large range of menu options with a beautiful outdoor dining setting.

Cafe 63 in Ross Evans Garden Centre Coombabah, Gold Coast
Cafe 63 in Ross Evans Garden Centre Coombabah, Gold Coast

We hope you enjoyed guide to Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area, on the Gold Coast, Queensland. For more of our other Australian destination guides click here.



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