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The top spots to explore during a visit to Singapores Botanic Gardens

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Our guide to the top spots in Singapore's Botanic Gardens

Top place to see in Singapores botanic gardens
A guide to the top spots in Singapore's Botanic Gardens

About Singapore Botanic Gardens:

Not only are the 180-year-old botanical gardens the first UNESCO world heritage listed site in Singapore, earning their crown in 2015, they are also the only tropical botanic garden on the entire UNESCO world heritage list. For us an early morning visit to the gardens is one of our favourite ways to spend a weekend, combining exploring with a bit of exercise. The gardens are open daily from 5 am to midnight and admission is free. Full details on the park can be found

Getting to Singapore's Botanic Gardens:

The are multiple entrance points to the botanic gardens, accessible by public transport. We most often take a taxi to the Nassim Gate, which is the closest entrance to the visitor centre and symphony stage. If taking a taxi to get there we recommend using the app Grab (for a first time discount use our referral code GRAB 1HU0ZBZO.

Our top spots to visit in the Botanic Gardens:

1. The learning forest

Despite having been to the botanic gardens many many times over the years it was only on our most recent visit that we discovered the Learning Forest, opened in 2017. We don't want anyone else to miss out of finding this hidden gem so it is our number one pick of sights to see in the gardens. We trekked through the forest on an easily accessible elevated boardwalk, friendly for all fitness levels. We made our way amongst a canopy century-old tree's enjoying the view from 8m above. Across bridges, we took in the view of the lake and wetlands below, and halfway though stopped for a play amongst the treetops scrambling through nettings.

2. The National Orchid Garden

This is THE place to go to see Singapore's national flower. The gardens are filled with over 1000 varied species of flowers, it is the most colourful garden in the park. While overall park admission is free, it's a $5 entry for adults to visit the Orchid Garden.

3. The Sun garden

This garden features an array of sci-fi looking cacti from all over the world.

4. Vanda Miss Joaquim Display

Located next to the Sun garden is a small field of delightful lavender coloured flowers, towering well above our height. Enjoy walking through the small maze of these.

5. The Symphony stage and surrounding lake

If coming in the late afternoon this is the perfect picnic spot, often home to free weekend concerts during this time. For any other time, it's still and beautiful spot to walk around and enjoy the large grassy rolling green hill and the lake a the bottom of the hill. It is very easy to see turtles here swimming amongst the giant lily-pads, and if lucky a sighting of a monitor lizard.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to Singapore's top spots to see in the Botanic Gardens. For more details on weekend activities in Singapore, you can see the weekend and day trip section of our blog. For Singapore restaurant and bar recommendations you and see our eats and drinks section. Or for other destination guides click here.

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