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Walk Singapore's Green Corridor: A nature walk along Singapores railway history

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Experience a peaceful jungle walk through heart of the city along Singapore's newly re-opened Greenway.

Walking guide to Singapore Green Corridor Greenway
Walk Singapore's new Greenway: The Green Corridor

An ambitious plan once existed - a railway line to connect Singapore to Russia. It’s remnants, which only got so far as to connect Singapore and Malaysia exist today in the form of a leisurely green walking trail. It’s a hidden slice of history now surrounded by jungle which co-exists existing alongside a bustling city. It’s also a refreshing and quiet walk which has none of the crowds of McRitchie on the weekend. 

Only recently renovated and reopened in parts to the public we were keen to check it out. This historical adventure along the old railway trail would form part of our 8km Sunday morning exploring.

About the Green Corridor walk:

Our trail would span from Bukit Timah to Alexandria covering the full 8kms currently open. While some parts required road connections while renovation continues it was all well signed to find our way. It’s an easy and mostly paved walk suitable for all fitness levels. It took us about 1hr 45mins. If taking a taxi to get there we recommend using the app Grab (for a first time discount use our referral code GRAB 1HU0ZBZO)

Singapore Green corridor greenway map
Map of the currently open sections of the green corridor

Getting to the Green Corridor walk: starting from Bukit Timah Railway Station:

We started at the northern end of the trail, alighting at King Albert Park MRT and making our way to the first stop along the track, the abandoned old Bukit Timah Railway station. Built during 1903 the station building, railway sign and track lines remain and make for an excellent first stop to explore. Beyond that, we passed through a natural grassy corridor of trees. No one else around and only the sound of birds chirping. It was hard to believe this tiny little nature strip was surrounded by the city.

Holland Road to Commonwealth Avenue:

This was well signed for ease of navigation as it was surrounded by road connections at the start and end. This smaller section of the walk had been well paved for an easy and smooth walk, however, it wasn’t as exciting as the other sections of the trail.

Commonwealth Avenue to Alexandria:

The final leg of our trail took us through dark tunnels overgrown with vine and lush green surrounds blocking out the city. We ended with the views of a distant skyline reminding us weren’t actually in the jungle. 

We hope you enjoyed our guide to Singapores Green Corridor (Greenway) national park. For more details on weekend activities in Singapore you can see the weekend and day trip section of our blog. For Singapore restaurant and bar recommendations you and see our eats and drinks section. Or for other destination guides click here.

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Little Sherpa Travels Singapore Greenway Green corridor walking guide



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