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The most beautiful Beaches and Bays on Norfolk Island: Where to swim, snorkel and take in the views

Planning a trip to Norfolk Island? It is the perfect Island Paradise to visit surrounded by crystal clear waters and rich in history, biodiversity and culture. Plus, it's only a 2.5-hour direct flight from mainland Australia, departing from Brisbane or Sydney. If there's one thing not to miss on Norfolk Island, it's the stunning beaches, bays, and cliff front views. Here's our list of the top ones you have to visit during your trip.

Best Beaches and Bays you must visit in Norfolk Island
Best Beaches and Bays you must visit in Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island's best beaches for Swimming and Snorkelling:

Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay

Experience clear waters, soft sand beaches and an array of underwater activity at Emily Bay and Slaughter bay. These are the most protected beaches on the island for swimming. If you prefer not to swim it is also possible to take a glass-bottom boat tour around the area or rent kayaks.

Norfolk Island Best beaches for Coastal Views:

Captain Cook Point

Named based on the expected landing point of Captain Cook on the Island, this is one viewpoint you can't miss. Start from the Carpark of Captain Cook Point and make your way along the 1.7km Bridle Trail for some of the most spectacular and dramatical coastal views over Norfolk Island. The track runs along cliff edges and through the lush island forest landscape.

Captain Cook Point, Norfolk Island
Captain Cook Point, Norfolk Island

Headstone Reserve

Another stunning cliff facing trail with ocean views walking toward the Headstone Reserve. The track would be no more than 500m but offers exceptional scenery not to be missed. A headstone located on the rocky point of the reserve tells the story of the legendary Barney Duff, an escaped convict who evaded capture for over 7 years living in the woods. However, it is a well-debated story as to whether the legend is true or not.

Headstone Reserve, Norfolk Island
Headstone Reserve, Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Best beaches for Sunset

Anson Bay

Anson Bay is one of the most picturesque bays on Norfolk island. Surrounded by stunning cliffs it has a clear turquoise beach below. If you're feeling adventurous you can take the steep hike to the bottom for a swim, but if you prefer to relax, pack some snacks and a blanket and make your way here for sunset.

Puppies Point and Orn Da Hill

Another perfect sunset location is Puppies Point and Orn Da Hill, located not far from Anson Bay, offering beautiful sunset views over the ocean.

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