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The top 10 Must try local foods in Okinawa

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Welcome to our food lovers guide to Okinawa, Japan. Here are 10 local dishes and snacks you must try for your visit!

Top 10 must try local food in Okinawa Naha Japan
The Top 10 Must Try local foods in Okinawa Japan

Okinawa Soba:

Okinawa Soba uses thick noodles and is served in a bowl that looks very similar to Udon. One of the unique elements of this Soba noodle is that is made from 100% wheat flour for a more chewy texture.

Where we found this: See our Day 1 Map reference on our road trip guide (We tried both the Soba and Sea Grapes below)

Okinawa Soba Japan noodles

Sea Grapes:

Experience an explosion of seaweed taste as the little bubbles of seaweed pop in your mouth after the first bite. These are often served cold as a side dish with a soy and vinegar dip for a little extra flavour.

Okinawa Sea Grapes

Blue Seal's Beni-imo purple sweet potato ice cream:

Blue Seal is the most popular brand of local ice cream in Okinawa which has been around since 1948 and can be found almost anywhere. There are many local flavours to taste but we personally loved the bright purple creamy sweet Potato ice cream.

Where we found this: Ice Cream truck at Cape Zanpa lighthouse. We also went for seconds during our next day at Okinawa World.

Blue Seal's Beni-imo purple sweet potato ice cream

Purple Sweet Potato Cakes:

While on the topic of Sweet Potato snacks, pick yourself up the most famous local Souvenir from Okinawa, the sweet potato cakes. They can be found in almost any souvenir store.

Where we found this: Naha Okinawa Airport

Okinawa purple sweet potato cakes

Soft Pumpkin Cookies:

Another of our favourite sweet souvenirs was the soft and freshly made pumpkin cookies from the factory in Ocean Tower on Kouri Island. After tasting one, we purchased several boxes to take home.

Ramen (ordered from a vending machine):

Did you even travel to Japan if you didn't get something from a vending Machine? They say each part of Japan has their own distinct take on Ramen, so we recommend finding some local Ramen to taste.

Where we found this: Ramen Koryu Naha Matsuyama Shop (Near Fukushuen Gardens, Naha City)

Okinawa Ramen noodles must try food

Japanese Hawaiian fusion:

Enjoy a fresh bowl of Japanese-Hawaiian fusion food. We loved the garlic shrimp from Kouri Shimp food truck on Kouri Island.

Kouri Shrimp Kouri Island Okinawa food

Fresh Seafood:

When on a tropical island there's no going past some fresh seafood. Whether that's fresh fish from Makishi markets in Naha or some restaurant quality Sashimi.

Where we found this: Okinawa Cuisine Chinuman Izumizaki (Near Harborview Hotel Naha)

Seafood Sashimi Okinawa

Bukubuku Tea:

Taste the traditional rice brewed foaming Bukubuku Tea with a side of local peanut flavoured biscuits. There's an art to both creating and drinking correctly this tea which is worth giving a go.

Where we found this: cafe along Tsuboya Pottery Street in Naha.

Bukubuku Team Okinawa Japan
Bakubaku tea okinawa Japan

Orion Beer:

While we are not massive beer drinkers we really enjoyed the locally brewed Orion Beer, indulging in at least one per night on our trip. The beer is brewed with fresh spring water from the mountains just behind the brewery.

Where we found this: Any restaurant along Kokusai Dori Street, Naha City

Orion Beer Okinawa

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We hope you enjoyed our weekend travel guide to the the must try foods of Okinawa.

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